Monday, February 15, 2010


I lived on a farm when I was a lad,
Keeping busy, milking cows, cutting wood.
Doing most of the chores, which wasn't too bad,
There was only Mother, two sisters and two brothers,
So I did what I could.
At night I'd come to the house ready to rest,
Put wood in the stove, get something to eat.
This is the time I enjoyed best.
I'd sit by the fireplace with my dog, Tang at my feet.
I would get my bible down off the shelf.
and start reading God's Word in the peace of the night.
I would read and read to myself,
Laying down on the floor, by the fire so bright.
Before I knew it I had read all of the Good Book.
From cover to cover, surprised me I read it so fast.
Then a few nights later in John, I took another look.
Something happened to me, I accepted Jesus at last.

A Poem about her father by Mary Joan Mitchell Ross Williams.

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