Friday, July 3, 2009

I will send a lollypop to anyone who can tell me who these people are!

The studio is named on the back. The name ia not clear, but the address was 898 Highland Ave., Malden Mass
No identifying marks.
No identifying marks
Possibly the baby in the previous photo, but no marks.
I cannot read much of the stamp on this but the town of the photographer was Fall River Mass.
No marks on this one either.
No doubt about the close relationhip to my family of Mitchells...Just look at that forehead!
I must have looked at this for a year before I noticed the dog. Carol Doubleday has informed me that this could be Everett Day Mitchell, her father.
He was born on March 24, 1898.
The same child. Carol Doubleday has identified this as her father, Everett Day Mitchell.
The photographer was awarded the Diploma of honor in 1881 in Boston U.S.A., but there is no other ID.
No ID on this either.
I have no idea who this is, but the buckle on the belt is definately an American eagle emblem. I guess we can place him in Massachusetts.
Again no ID.
The stamp on the backis Popular Studio, 154 Merrimac Street, Haverhill Mass.
George Lockwood in elegant script on the back.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Joyce Woods

Joyce is our cousin in New Brunswick. She is the grand-daughter of my father's sister Lauretta. She was very kind to a distant cousin who called out of the blue from here in Massachusetts. She gave me some good bits of information that has helped me to clarify some of the cloudiness in my mind regarding the Mitchell and Northrup family in Hatfield Point. She was also very kind to send me a number of family photos to post on the site. I remember visiting her aunt, Bertha, when I was a pre-teen and meeting Joyce there. I am now very upset that I cannot locate any of the pictures of that or later trips to visit Bertha. I never cease to be amazed at how difficult it has been to find information about this side of my family. However, I am overwhelmed at the generosity and good humor of the people I finally contact. Thank-you Joyce. I hope I can see you again soon.

Photo from Joyce Woods 14-15 Bertha Loretta Mitchell

Photo from Joyce Woods 11

Photo from Joyce Woods 8-9

Photo from Joyce Woods 7

Photo from Joyce Woods 5-6

Photo from Joyce Woods 3-4

Photo from Joyce Woods 2

Picture from Joyce Woods 1