Saturday, October 31, 2015

Everett Day Mitchell and His Family

Everett Day Mitchell was baptized in the Saint John River in 1899.
This would be somewhere in the vicinity of Kars, New Brunswick.
Everett Day Mitchell in 1932 with Max Prince on left.
This is Mary Joan Mitchell in 1939.  Malden Ma.

This is Carol Mitchell in 1943, Malden Ma.
Brothers Everett Day Mitchell and Harold Mitchell
 in Revere Ma in 1954

Top to bottom.  Everett, Mary Joan, Carol
and John Mitchell in Revere Ma.  1954.

Everett Day Mitchell, Vera(Veronica) Merrow Mitchell
 and Ernie Williams in 1954.

John Mitchell traveled to Pennsylvania to visit Carol Mitchell Doubleday, and returned with these photos from Carol's albums.  I did some minor work on them where possible to clean up folds and bleaching.