Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Everett Day Mitchell, Richard Bruce Mitchell, Mary Carolina Cafarella Mitchell and Veronica Rita Marrow Mitchell.
Richard and Mary married on April 11, 1937 Malden, Ma.

Vera and Everett Mitchell with baby. Not named, but I assume it was Everett.
Everett Mitchell Studying in Revere.

Harold and Marguerite Mitchell by Carol Mitchell Doubleday

It just dawned on me that William harold mitchell lived on Winthrop St in Malden
there he brought up his family, then he bought a small ranch house in Peabody Ma. He and aunt Margurite lived there until she got sick and he sold the house in Peabody and they moved to the cottage in Ipswich until she passed away. Two years later Uncle Harold married a lady named Marion. They were married about thre years when one night uncle Harold got up from supper and he stood up and had cardiac arrest and he was gone. We sure loved him. had to tell dad and he was so sick himself, one of the hardest things I had to do in my life.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Vera (Veronica) Rita Marrow Mitchell 1942
Vera Mitchell at Harolds patio. Ipswich.
Vera(Veronica) Marrow Mitchell on the County Road in houlton(Linneus) Maine about 1965
Vera, Mary Joan,.....and.....on Harold's patio in Ipswich Ma.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Carol's memories of Mary Joan Mitchell Ross

Everett Day Mitchells’ daughter- Mary Joan Mitchell (Ross) Williams

Mary Joan born December 26 1938-passed away December 24, 2007

Mary Joan was the type of person who always had a smile. As a little girl she looked like Shirley Temple,
Blonde curls and big blue eyes.

She was the type of person who always had something going. At Christmas she would always have us four children put on a Christmas play, I am her little sister, four years difference between us. I was always following her around and I was a pest. I loved her so and admired her. When we had the Christmas play I was always a shephard, with a blanket around me, I guess it was better than a donkey. John was a shephard also. Everett was Joseph and Mary Joan was Mary and my doll was Jesus. She would make it so much fun. Dad and mum would enjoy it so much . She would always show us where Santa hid our toys she was just full of life and mischief. Oh how we misss that.

She always loved children. She would babysit whenever she could as she got into her teens.

She was married at the age of 16. At the age of 17 she had her first son,Donald James Ross Jr, Then came Daniel, Then Darrell, Then, Dana, Then Jody Ann a girl,what A surprise and at last Darren. Six children whom she loved with all her heart, they were her life.

She loved Houlton, Me, she married a man from there and there she stayed most of her life. She is still there and we all miss her . I lived in Mass.and N.H. most of my life so I think of her still there in her kitchen laughing and playing with her children.

I find myself living in PA. now,my name is Carol (Mitchell) Doubleday

Mary Joan Mitchell with her second huband Ernie and her oldst son Donnie.
Mary Joan Mitchell Ross 1954 Jr High graduation in Revere.
Mary Joan Mitchell Ross Williams and her Husband Earnest Williams
Mary Joan Mitchell
Mary Joan Mitchell Ross and her daughter Jody.
Mary Joan Mitchell Ross and Carol in the background.
Mary Joan Mitchell Ross and Carol Mitchell Doubleday in front of the Cary library in Houlton Maine.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Veronica's son Keith Nason and Jody Ross Sinclair
Donnie Ross and his wife

Monday, September 7, 2009

Donnie Ross' Daughter
Donnie Ross' son

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mary Rose Mitchell and Wlliam Cafarella Park Street Houlton Maine. 1958
At the Johnnie Farm Littleton Maine in the 1940s
Mary R. Mitchell Burrill, Frederick Wendell Burrill and Mary R Cafarella...Mary McLaughlin in the background. Mary's wedding reception Bowdoin Street, Houlton Maine...1959
1958 Franklin Avenue Houlton Maine. Mary Mitchell, Dick Mitchell, Bill Mitchell Mitchell and Queenie.
Mary R Mitchell 1957
Mary R. Mitchell ...Caribou, Maine Sweden Street 1951.
Mary R Mitchell Caribou Maine 1951
1958 Franklin Ave. Houlton, Maine Mary R Mitchell
Mary R. Mitchell 1958
Mary R. Mitchell Burrill, Fred Burrill and Richard Mitchell 1959. After he Wedding.
Mary C. McLaughlin and Mary R Mitchell Franklin Avenue Houlton Maine 1958
Marie Moran and Mary R. Mitchell 1957
1958 Mary R. Mitchell and Frederick W Burrill... Park Street Houlton, Maine
1956 Houlton Maine Mary R. Mitchell

Friday, September 4, 2009

Richard Bruce Mitchell on his wedding day. april 11 1937
Richard Bruce Mitchell II and Mary Rose Mitchell. I took the single of this photo of my brother and had it published in the local paper on his 40th birthday.
Richard B. Mitchell and Willam Cafarella.
Richard Mitchell and his daughter Mary with the Stillman barn behind 1940.
Richard Mitchell and daughter Mary 1940.
Rex and the Littleton house in the background.
Left to right: Queenie, Bill with Mary behind, Dick, Phil and Stepfather Paul McLaughlin. Bowdoin Street, Houlton Maine.
On the Johnnie farm in Littleton, Maine
Mary Rose Mitchell
Mary Rose Mitchell
Mildred Cafarella
Mildred lived briefly on the Campbell Road corner with he parents Lawrence and Mildred Cafarella. She is our cousin.
Bill Mitchell outside Phil Cafaella's house on Park street Houlton, Maine 1956.
Bill Mitchell and Pete Bowdoin Street in Houlton Maine.
Maurice and Carol Mitchell Doubleday.
Mary R. Mitchell Burrill, Richard B. Mitchell II and William P. Mitchell early 1980's
Mary Rose Mitchell graduation photo. 1958
Mary Rose Mitchell
Mary Rose Mitchell. on Park Street, Houlton.