Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Have Been Neglecting My Blogs

A couple of years ago, the love of my life was diagnosed with cancer, and a year later died of the disease.  We were able to marry in a small ceremony in our back yard, and had only a few family members there. 
I was the sole caregiver, and had to work full time, so, much in my life had to take a back seat.  The blogs fell into the back seat category. 
While I fear that my liveliness, my interest in life has wavered so much that I will never publish in the volume that I did before, I have tried to do a few posts since then.  I have put up some maps, and a letter from my sister about family. 
I have just a few minutes ago realized that I have comments that I have never addressed.  I will try to address them in the near future.
I have also had a contact from my Aunt Helen's granddaughter.,  I hope that she gets back to me by email or something as I lost contact information in a computer problem and my address book.
Anyway, I will renew my efforts to get family information out there, but encourage people to submit family stories and ask questions by email.  My email is:
Meanwhile, I am committed to talking to Fred Burrill to add to the Burrill post that I started some time ago. 

A Letter From My Sister Mary Burrill

Unfortunately this somehow got cropped off at the top when I scanned it, and in packing to move, I do not know where the letter is.  I will recreate it if possible, but not much was missing.  I think that it begins with just a note about sitting down on a bad day to write.  As you can see by the numbers, this is part of a very long narrative of their (Mary and Fred Burrill) years following retirement, when they were working on their house in Maine.
It starts by saying that she has decided to write about her memories of William Everett Mitchell, our grandfather: