Thursday, October 24, 2013

Please Contact Me

I am looking for a couple of people in particular.

1. Anyone who can tell me about the parents of William Everett Mitchell, raised in an Orphanage in Massachusetts and born in the 1870s.

2. Everett Harold Mitchell, brother of John and Carol, or any of his relatives.

3. Members of the Day family of  Kings or surrounding counties in New Brunswick, especially if they count Henry Day among their relatives.

4. Relatives of Maggie Patterson, born in Ireland and mother or step mother of William Everett Mitchell.

5. Relatives of Harold Mitchell(deceased) of Massachusetts and New Brunswick.  Brother of Richard, Everett, Helen, Loretta(sp. varies) and Helen Mitchell.

6. Relatives of Helen Mitchell Price and Oscar Price.  Helen is sister to Richard, Everett, Loretta and Harold Mitchell.

All of these people are keys to branches of the family that have eluded me so far.  I need information on them to continue with my exploration.  Please contact me at if you have even the tiniest bits of information on any of these people.