Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is Everett Mitchell many years after this story.

I thought I'd go hunting one lazy day,
Got my rifle and called my dog Tang, and we were away.
Down through the field we went and sat by a tree.
Looking all around to see what we could see.
Been sitting there awhile when I heard a sound.
It was a moose walking out of the woods coming right at me,
Tang growled, as small as he was,
was just as brave as he could be.The moose was a big one with antlers up high.
My heart beat so fast, thought I might die.
I climbed up up the tree shaky and scared,
Tang kept up his bravery and did what he dared.
The moose finally gave up, turned and ran.
It was good to have my little dog of black and tan.

This poem by Mary Joan Mitchell Ross Williams is a true story about her Dad and his dog.

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