Monday, December 14, 2009

Memories of family by Carol Mitchell Doubleday

Everett Day Mitchell was the oldest child, he was born March 24, 1898and passed away March 19,1981.

Helen was the next to be born. I do not know the exact date. She passed away in 1978.

William Harold Mitchell was the next to be born. I do not know the exact date. He passed away in the summer of 1976.

Richard Bruce Mitchell was the next to be born. He passed away 1955.

The last was Loretta Mitchell. She passed away in the late 40's(Note from Bill. I think she actually passed away in the early 50s)

This is close as I can get.

Aunt Marguerite passed away in 1973.

Aunt Vera(Veronica) passed away July 7, 1986 and was born July 3, 1914.

You know when my Aunt Mary passed away in the nineties right?

Who lived on Russell St? That is where my husband was brought up most of his life. Small world.

Everett Day Mitchell's children order of birth:

Everett Harold was born Nov 18, 1934.

Mary Joan Mitchell was the next: Dec. 26,1938. She passed away Dec. 24, 2007.

Next: Carol Ann Mitchell was born on Feb.4,1943.

Next:John Richard Mitchell was born on April 27, 1944

Aunt Helen's children: I am not sure of I met Bruce Price and he lost a brother in an accident when a cement building collapsed on him.

William Harold Mitchell's children: First born Marguerite Leora Mitchell: where abouts unknown,she would be 82 if still with us.

Then came William Bruce Mitchell last known address in Ipswich, Ma.

Richard Bruce Mitchell's children: Mary Rose Mitchell,Richard Bruce Mitchell and William Mitchell.

Loretta Michell: not sure of her children.
hope this helps