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John Mitchell and his wife Cheryl
John Mitchell Passport photo...A bit harsh looking John.

Carol (Mitchell) and Maurice Doubleday
This is Keith and daughter Jennifer. Keith is Veronica's son and Carol and Maurice's grandson.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Carol and John Mitchell 1948
Richard Bruce Mitchell, Mary Rose Mitchell Burrill and M in the carriage. Taken in Littleton Maine.
Threshing Machine in Littleton

Three musketeers in Littleton

The Stillman house across the "street" from our house in Littleton.
Richard Bruce Mitchell and Mary Rose mitchell Burrill in Littleton.
Mary Rose Mitchell Burrill in Littleton.

Mary Rose Mitchell Burrill. The first three in Medford. Fourth is in Littleton with Dick and the fifth in Littleton.

Grammie, Mary Rose Mitchell Burrill and Richard Mitchell
Mary Carolina Cafarella Mitchell and Mary Rose Mitchell

Mary Rose Mitchell Burrill with her doll and with Brother Dick. All in Littleton.

Richard Bruce Mitchell and Mary Rose Mitchell Burrill
Mary Rose Mitchell Burrill and Richard Bruce Mitchell
Richard Bruce Mitchell and daughter Mary Rose.
Richard Bruce Mitchell and daughter Mary Rose in Littleton.
Mary Rose Mitchell Burrill and Me in Caribou Maine.
Mary Rose Mitchell Burrill age two.
Our chicken coop in Littleton.
At the Stillman house and barn in Littleton.

Ralph Vail, Laura, Bertha and George Northrup in Hatfield point area of New Brunswick.
Mom in front of the Stillman barn. Littleton, Maine
Mary Carolina Cafarella Mitchell and daughter Mary. Littleton, Maine
Lowell Paul McLaughlin
I have to say that I have issues with Paul, but I feel the need to praise him very highly. Paul married my mother in the 1950s after my father died in 1955. There had been nothing but poverty in the family for many years. My mother usually did not know where the next meal was coming from while my father constantly searched for enough work and battled chronic illness till his death at 47 years old. The poor man, good as he was, never had a chance. I am young enough to have missed all that as I was only two and a half when he died.
Paul was a great guy. He was a hard worker. He unselfishly worked for the rest of their life together to raise and support his stepchildren to various degrees. My sister Mary was not there for many years as she married in 1958, but my brother did all of his High School and Maine Maritime years till the mid sixties under his roof. I was there at home and at college till the early seventies, becoming fairly independant in my later college years. However he was always there with help and support for many years. Through much of that time, my mother was unable to give him children and spent all the years from the late sixties through the end of the century with MS and a number of other ailments that drained him emotionally and financially. He worked tirelessly on a rather old and decrepit house that he brought back from a very sad state along with gardens and property to mow and maintain.
I cannot express what this man did for our family. Where would we have been had he not been in the picture? I shudder to think.
Winter in Littleton, Maine
Richard Bruce Mitchell, Mary Rose Mitchell and Mary Carolina Cafarella Mitchell in front of out house in Littleton, Maine.
Winter in Littleton, Maine
Leora Mitchell
Laura and Bertha Loretta Mitchell Northrup
As written on the back, this is Marshall, Helen, Bruce, Mickey, Carol, and Debbie. I am not sure of the order and there is someone unaccounted for.

Deborah Vardy provided this caption:
 The people in the picture with all the ladies are:  Alice Price (Marshall's wife) , Helen Price, Lizzie Price, Annie Price( Bruce Price' s wife , my mum), Deborah Price(Vardy) in the reindeer rocker that Dad made me for Christmas, Carol Price on the small tricycle  and Mickey Price on the larger tricycle( Alice and Marshall's girls). The picture was taken at our house in Exshaw, Alberta March 1954 .

Elk Heads

1950. Helen's sheepdog and Elk heads.

Prices in Alberta

This is marked four generations.

In the picture labelled four generations, the individuals are Oscar Price, Lizzie Price (Oscar's mother), Mickey Price ( Marshall's oldest daughter) and Marshall Price (Oscar's oldest son)the picture was taken at the farm near Horse Creek north of Cochrane, Alberta.  Caption from Deborah Vardy, Bruce Price's daughter.

My Aunt Helen Price's and Family

This picture was taken in High River, Alberta 1940 with left to right back is Marshall Price, Helen Price,  Harold and  Margaritte Mitchell and Oscar Price  In front is Bruce Price , Leora and Bruce Mitchell.  Apparently the Mitchell family came for a visit  that summer. Dad could recall this event says Deborah Vardy, Bruce's daughter.
Harold and Marguerite Mitchell