Thursday, February 18, 2010

More memories from Carol

Just dawned on me Uncle Harold's wife's last name was Rice.
Aunt Marguerite Rice.
She was from Winthrop, Ma.
Also, Leora's last when she married was Gelombado, they were divorced and she married Bill Kennedy, She had one child by her first husband Nicolas, the child's name was Nicolas Bruce Gilambado, her second marriage she had four children, Keith, Kevin,Noreen and Mark.
William Bruce Mitchell, Uncle Harold's second child married a women named Betty and I remember they had one child by the name of Craig and I am not sure of the rest of their names.
Aunt Helen lived in Calgary and had to move to British Columbia for a drier climate, she had Arthritis. Her children lived in Toronto and one son was crushed in their cement factory. I know I told you that before. Bruce Price I met and I met Oscar and Aunt Helen. I know they loved horses and John my brother visited them at their farm, it was beautiful, I am sure he could tell you more.

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