Sunday, February 14, 2010


These pictures are of my father Richard, but they show the river in Winter.

Skating One Night

My brother and I went skating one night,
On the St. John River, where we got such a fright.
We were laughing and talking, skating along,
when we heard a noise and wondered what was wrong.
We looked up the river in the moonlight,
And to our surprise,
We could see bright green eyes.
as we watched we could see them move.
"It's wolves," my brother hollered real loud.
We started to skate as fast as we could,
I fell once, but at that time, I wasn't proud.
Never skated so fast in my life.
we could hear the barking,
My brother pulled out his hunting knife.
We finally got off of the ice and up on a trail.
I know we started for home, our feet did sail.
We were glad to see our house and ran for the door.
We didn't go skating at night any more.

A poem by Mary Joan Mitchell Ross Williams about her father, Everett and her uncle...either Harold or my father Richard.

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