Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Information and previews of coming attractions...

I just happened upon a site for Kingston, New Brunswick lately. In it I found a link to Canadian genealogy that happened to have our Grandmother Day's family traced back a few generations. In fact it is all the way to MY/OUR: GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDPARENTS. Probably they go into the 1780s or 90s. I present that info below.

Then I looked at the Kingston site again and found a link to the local museum. I called there and found Judi and Glen Baxter who have been doing some research for us just out of curiosity. Very generous people there! I think she will be a great asset, and she is a pleasure to talk to. Thanks to both of you for the information so far.

It turns out that there are connections, as you will see, with several towns in the area.

Kars is down river from Hatfield Point where I always assumed we were from. Kars is named for a battle in the Crimean war. Strangely, I have been there in Turkey, though I did not know it till I checked the maps today...Just passing through a few years ago.

We also have connections in Kingston which I will try to sort out soon. Both towns have closer connections to the river than Hatfield Point which is more about Belisle Bay than the Saint John.

This may solve some of the mysteries about living near and crossing over the Saint John from where they had their cabin in the early 1900s.

Judy also mentioned that there was a Day's Landing(If I remember the word correctly).

One ancestor appears to be from Digby, Nova Scotia. It is a pretty town on the Bay of Fundy, well known as a romantic vacation spot.

It is likely that many of these ancestors were Loyalist settlers from the US around the revolution. The Mitchells may also be connected there in the area, though I will still have to work out whether they were from Massachusetts or there in New Brunswick. There are Mitchells in the Kingston area, but are they OUR Mitchells?

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