Saturday, July 24, 2010


Bill Mitchell 1952 -
Richard Mitchell 1944-
Mary Mitchell 1940-

1. Richard Bruce Mitchell 1905- 1955 = 1.Mary Cafarella 1919-1998

2. William E Mitchell 1874-1942 = 2. Henrietta Day 1876 -1917
William's parents 3.William E Mitchell =3.Maggie Patterson
Henrietta's parents 3.Henry Day 1839-1901=3.Cecelia A. Jones c1846

Cecelia's parents
4. Moses Owens Jones 1810 = 4. Mary Matilda Johnston 1810

Cecelia's grandparents
5. Jesse Jones1771 = 5. Martha Adams1774-c. 1838  and 5. James W Johnston= 5. ?

Jesse's parents
6. Edward Jones Jr.1743-1831 = 6. Eleanor Davis

Edward Jr's parents
Edward Jones = Margaret Trevoe*

Edward's parents
John Jones = Margaret Clayton

Martha Adams' parents
Nathaniel Adams1744-1818 = Mary Owen

Nathaniel's Parents
Samuel Adams = Abigail Reynolds or Lockwood

Samuel's father
John Adams

Mary Owen's parents
Moses Owen = Elizabeth Cornell

Elizabeth's father
Samuel Cornell

* The name Trevoe may be a misspelling or a variation of the Welsh name Trevor.  An R and an E can look quite similar in the lower case, especially with a quill pen.  Trevoe is found in England and Scotland though. 

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