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Henrietta Day Mitchell's genealogy

Henrietta's father was Henry Day. I have a little information on him, but hope to add more soon from other sources.

Henry Day was a House Joiner in Springfield Parish born approx: 1839
Cecilia A. Jones Day born approx: 1845

Daughters in 1881 census:

Ida Day 14 years old
Ema(Emma?) 12
Ellen 10
Mary 8
Blanche 6
Henrietta(spelled Hernatte in the census) 4
Martha 9 mos.

In the next census in 1901 the girls were all gone but there was an 18 year old:


Her Mother was: Cecelia Ann Jones born in 1846 and married January 25 1866 in Kars,( a town near Kingston see below) King's county New Brunswick)(Here is the source of the story of: The Jones Girls.)

Her Mother's mother was: Mary Matilda Johnston, born in 1810 in Digby, Nova Scotia and died on February 3, 1891.

Her Mother's Father was: Moses Owens Jones born 1810 and married December 28, 1830(Queens county New Brunswick) and died about 1861.

Moses Jones parents were: Jesse Jones b.1771 and Martha Adams b. 1774

Jesse Jones' parents were: Edward Jones Jr. 1743-1831 and Eleanor Davis(Aunt of Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy.)(The Jones family was from Pennsylvania. Loyalists born well before the revolution and was from Bucks Co, PA, and served with Bucks Co. Vol. during the war.)

Edward Jones Junior's parents were Edward Jones and Margaret Trevoe*

Edward's parents were John Jones and Margaret Clayton

Martha Adams' parents were Nathaniel Adams 1744-1818 and Mary Owen

Mary Owen's parents were Moses Owen and Elizabeth Cornell

Elizabeth's Father was Samuel Cornell

Nathaniel Adams' parents were Abigail Reynolds or Lockwood and Samuel Adams

Samuel's Father was John Adams

Mary Johnston's father was James W. Johnston(no details)

* Trevoe may be a misspelling or variation on the Welsh name: Trevor.  The name is found in England and Scotland though.

I know this is hopelessly complicated, but I will put it in standard notation later.  When I started the two posts that are constructed this way, it was much shorter.  I have found a great deal of information just in two days, so it is a real mess.  Let us just say that we are back to the first decade of the 1700s at least on this side of the family....Still searching for Mitchells.

Kars overlooks Belleisle Bay and was named, following the end of the Crimean War (1853-6) for the defense of Kars, in eastern Turkey, by Sir William Fenwick Williams (1800-1883). General Williams was a native of Annapolis Royal and served as lieutenant-governor of Nova Scotia. There is a Karsdale on the Annapolis Basin also named for the battle. source: Place Names of Atlantic Canada by William B. Hamilton and Geographical Names of New Brunswick by Alan Rayburn.

The Jones' settled on either side of the Saint John River in Wickham and in Evandale.  Evandale is just above Kars on the west bank.  Wickham is farther up river on the east bank.  The author of the info I got on this thought it was more likely on Spoon Island, north of Kars in mid channel.

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  1. Cecelia Anne Jones is my Third Great Grand Mother! I Would love any more information you have on the Jones and Day family!