Friday, October 16, 2009

William Everett Mitchell and Henrietta Day Mitchell. I presume this is in Canada.

William Everett Mitchell was born in northern Massachusetts. His early childhood was eveidently spent in Bradfod Ma. at least as a Summer residence. As I understand it,he had a brother whose name was Edward or Edmond. His mother remarried and the new husband did not want two children. William was placed in an orphanage. I have seen the records of this, but have not seen them in many years. As a result, I do not remember the details. I believe that the orphanage was a Saint...something, in Methuen, Lawrence or one of the surrounding towns. His mother then evidently left for Canada somewhere. I will try to find out more about this in time. I do have records of him possibly living in a rooming house for some time as a youth as well. He met Henrietta here in Massachusetts when she came here to work.

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