Friday, October 16, 2009

A search for the past

I have three other blogs concerning the Cafarella and Cincotta side of my family. My mother's side is much easier to follow than my father's. It seems that the Mitchell side of my family has disappeared off the face of the earth.
It was difficult even from the very beginning of my search as my grandfather was adopted and spoke very little about his past. In addition to that, my father died when I was two and a half. As a result, I had much less contact with that side of my family even though I grew up fairly close to my family's assumed origins in New Brunswick. There were also many connections in Northern Massachusetts. I guess all I can do right now is hope that someone might see this blog and begin my journey toward understanding the Mitchell family history.
I am interested in hearing from people from Bradford, Andover and other northern Massachusetts towns with the Mitchell name, as that is where William Everett Mitchell spent his childhood in and out of an orphanage. He had a brother named Edmund or Edward.
My grandmother spent time in northern Massachusetts and the Medford and Malden area. Her name was Henrietta Day from the Hatfield Point area of New Brunswick. I suspect that her Mother's name was Jones, but I am not one hundred percent sure how that Jones name got into the family.
Other members of the family included: Richard Bruce Mitchell, Harold Mitchell, Everett Mitchell, Mary-Joan Mitchell, married to Donald Ross and then there are the Northrups in New Brunswick. My aunt Helen has family in Alberta Canada somewhere, presumably Calgary, though I do not know her married name.
I would welcome any contacts that can give me any information on any of these people.
My sister Mary, brother Richard and I, William, have a background in Littleton and Houlton, Maine as that is where my father brought my mother, Mary Cafarella to live. My Cafarella family including Mary Rose, Philip, William and briefly Lawrence came to join them.

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