Thursday, October 1, 2009

Henrietta's Children

Bertha Lauretta married Thomas Northrup. She had four children. They were Charlie(unmarried), Bertha(unmarried), George(unmarried) and Laura who married Sandy Currie and had Joan, James, Joyce Wood and Margaret. Lauretta died in 1952.

Harold married and returned to Massachusetts and went into the building trade on the South Shore. His wife was.... and his children are.....

Everett married Vera who was a good friend of my mother Mary. Their children were: Everett, Mary-Joan Mitchell Ross. Everett moved South also and died in the Derry area of New Hampshire.

Helen Moved west to the Calgary area.

Richard(my father) Married (Vera above introduced them)Mary Carolina Cafarella and had three children: Mary Rose Mitchell Burrill(married to Fredrick W. Burrill) (Three children), Richard B. Mitchell II, (married to Jane Teresa Callnan)(Two children) and William Philip Mitchell (married to Marcia Good)(Divorced) Richard died in 1955. The diagnosis was Bright's disease, but my sister raises some doubt as to the actual cause.

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