Monday, January 21, 2013

Rulers of Wales.

For a complete list of rulers of Wales, search for:  List of Rulers of  Wales on Wikipedia.  See the link below. 

Wikipedia is always a good source of information, but they need help to continue to be a presence on the web.  Please consider contributing information to the Wikipedia posts(become an editor or a writer for them) if you have knowlege on subjects of interest, and also consider contacting them and contributing to them financially.
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According to Wikipedia, there were a number of tiny kingdoms that were ruled separately and later joined together as Deheubarth.  I will have to do some research in order to find the actual line of blood that might be our relatives.
Also, there were rulers of Powys farther north.  Not only did they marry into the Deheubarth line, but I believe that they may have some relationship to the Owen family, our relatives connecting later into this family.

The Deheubarth area contains a small penninsula in the far south that contains the oldest known burial in the British Isles, 29,000 years old, known as the Red Lady of Paviland.  It was also the traditional home of two pre Roman British Celtic tribes known as the Silures and the Demelae

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