Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Jones Family Origins

Rewritten from the Queens County Historical Society Blog

Jesse Jones was born in 1771.  He was the son of Edward Jones Jr. (1743-1831) and Eleanor Davis.  Eleanor Davis was thought to be the aunt of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States during the Civil War. Edward Jones was from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  He served with the Bucks County Volunteers in the American Revolution. This group of Loyalists “Adherred to their Duty and Allegiance to the Best of Kings”, as quoted in a 1786 petition for financial relief and compensation by some members.  They fought in and around Philadelphia, which was the revolutionary capital.  Because of their loyalty, the volunteers were accused of treason and when the British evacuated Philadelphia in 1778, the Bucks County members went north to New York following the troops.  (White Plains)
( In 1744, Thomas Jones purchased three hundred and twenty- seven and one-half acres of Lawrence Growden's executor for 327 pounds 10s, which he settled and improved.) from Bucks County history could be the same family and confiscated land, as they are associated in the history.

In 1783, the Jones family, as Loyalists migrated to Canada.  They settled on farms in Evandale and Wickham in Kings and Queens counties in New Brunswick.  Descendant Jones families still live in the area.

Before 1793, Jesse married Martha Adams who was born around 1774.  She was the daughter of Connecticut and New York Loyalists.  Their names were Nathaniel Adams (1744-1818) and Mary Owen.

Jessie and Martha had 13 children: David b.1793, Edward, John, Owen, Walter, Nathaniel, Samuel, Robert, Martha, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Jesse and Asa, who was born in 1817. Martha passed away in or before 1838. Then, on September 10th 1838, Jesse Jones at 67 years old, married Susan (Susanna) Cameron, a 27 year old "spinster" from Wickham, in Queens County.  Jesse became  the father of Ann, Mehitable and Rachel before about 1844.  Jesse was 73 when Rachel came along.

Edward Jones(jr.) and Eleanor Davis would be my great-great-great-great-grandparents and in my Mitchell family, my brother and sister's grandchildren, the youngest members of the family, would be their great-great-great-great-great-great grand children.  So, we have eleven generations so far through Henrietta Day's line including Edward senior(5th great) and John Jones(6th great).  This is not quite so far as I have through my mother's side, but a very good start.  As the Jones family seems to be well documented in Bucks County, I have hopes of going at least a few generations farther back.

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