Thursday, May 24, 2012

Edward Jones from another point of view

In the history of Hilltown Township, Bucks County. PA Chapter XXII we find this one paragraph:

There he was a black sheep, in a political sense, in the Jones family. Edward Jones, a man of capacity and enterprise, served first in the American army, but discouraged by defeat and disaster, he raised a troop of cavalry among his Tory friends and neighbors and joined the British at Philadelphia. His farm near Leidytown was confiscated.  (As worded in the history.)

This is not the most flattering image.  It is significant that
 the Tories have always been vilified in
 the United States and celebrated as Loyalists in
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia,
 where our families landed.

According to Ellen Ramp, another descendant who has a much better handle on Edward and his descendants, he removed to White Plains, New York, where the local populace burned him out of his house and sent him on his way to Nova Scotia.

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