Friday, September 4, 2009

Dick with Monk the Squirrel monkey in our living room on Pleasant Street in Houlton.
Dick and I found an ad for Monkeys in Argosy magazine and ordered him on New Years Eve of 1965. He arrived three weeks later in an open truck in a box with chicken wire on one side. He developed Pneumonia and took terrimicin (SP) mixed with tangerines till he recovered. It was too cold for him really there, he spent much of his time huddled around a bare light bulb on the back enclosed porch or at the top of the front stairs on a curtain rod. He woke every morning to warm sugared milk with bread soaking in it. He got used to that as he was nursed through the Pneumonia with it. He once tried to get his own breakfast by stealing the bread out of the pan before it was ready, and burned a foot on the stove burner...not seriously though.

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