Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Have Been Neglecting My Blogs

A couple of years ago, the love of my life was diagnosed with cancer, and a year later died of the disease.  We were able to marry in a small ceremony in our back yard, and had only a few family members there. 
I was the sole caregiver, and had to work full time, so, much in my life had to take a back seat.  The blogs fell into the back seat category. 
While I fear that my liveliness, my interest in life has wavered so much that I will never publish in the volume that I did before, I have tried to do a few posts since then.  I have put up some maps, and a letter from my sister about family. 
I have just a few minutes ago realized that I have comments that I have never addressed.  I will try to address them in the near future.
I have also had a contact from my Aunt Helen's granddaughter.,  I hope that she gets back to me by email or something as I lost contact information in a computer problem and my address book.
Anyway, I will renew my efforts to get family information out there, but encourage people to submit family stories and ask questions by email.  My email is:
Meanwhile, I am committed to talking to Fred Burrill to add to the Burrill post that I started some time ago. 

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