Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dear Emily

I just want everyone in the family know that over four family blogs, I have nearly 1000 posts about family.  In those posts, I have nearly 1500 names that go back 35 generations, to the Norman Conquest in 1066 and before.  I have had to stop doing the family tree at my generation, because frankly there are just too many names to deal with if I put in the newer ones.  I will leave that job to whoever takes it over after me.
The reason I do this blog is so that my family, as widespread as they are, as different in habits and lifestyle as they may be, may get some enjoyment out of our family's amazingly diverse and interesting past.
Some will be able to see how simple and idyllic it was to live in earlier times, while others will be able to see how difficult it was for some.  Either way, I try to do this for them, and not for myself.  I get absolutely nothing out of this, except for hours and hours of letter writing, phone bills, headaches and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of research.  I post for free to all.  I do not advertise on it, and I always hope that people will simply enjoy some little part of it.
One of the drawbacks is that I sometimes get a wrong name or date, here and there.  I spend untold hours on the phone and dialing information at a buck a call, trying to contact the right people, to talk to them directly, and put in the best post possible information, so that you and your children and your grand and great grandchildren can see YOU, and read something nice about you.  To that end, I always post my email address right on the profile to see and to contact me.  I always encourage you to call me or to email me to add stories, make changes,and so forth.
Meanwhile, I have to suffer along doing the best I can for people who do not call me, who do not try to get the stories to me etc.
I encourage everyone who is related, to give me a call anytime at all.  I want your stories, your photos and for you to enjoy the only thing I am able to give to you.