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The Corbet Line to Us

Roget Corbeau 1000 to 1055,  married to Giovanni(a) Carnaghi
Hugo Le Corbet Chevalier du Pays de Caux Normandy
       Before 1040 to before 1086.(1020 is commonly used, possibly born in Caux, Allier, Auvergne, France)
       Wife unknown
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Roger Fitz Corbet  First Baron of Cause.   Alretone, Shropshire in Domesday book Sheriff/governor of Shropshire.
       About 1050 to about 1134.  
      Wife was  the Heiress of Talsey

William Corbet   Second Baron of Caus.  Lived in Wattlesborough/Castle of Cause
      Wife and dates unknown

Simon Corbet of Pontesburie
      Wife and dates unknown but probably predeceased his father

Thomas Corbet the Pilgrim

Sir Richard Corbet of Wattlesborough 
      early 1200s but may also be the same as :

Sir Richard Corbet of Wattlesborough
      Estimate only  1176 to before 1255 
      Wife by 1196 Joanna Toret of Moreton Toret Salop

Sir Richard Corbet  Son of Richard, Knight of Wattlesborough, Lord of Moreton
      Before 1225 to after 1272. 
      Wife Petronilla, the Lady of Edge Baldenham and Booley.

Sir Robert Corbet  of Morton Corbet, Shropshire.  Sheriff of Shropshire
       Approx 1234 to 1375. 
      Second wife in 1280, Mathilda De Arundel

Thomas Corbet
      1281 to 1310. 
      Wife Amice Hussey? Daughter of Ralph Hussey

Sir Robert Corbet Lord of Moreton Corbet
      Approx 12-25-1304 to 12-3-1375. 
      Wife Elizabeth Le Strange.  Parents Fulk Le Strange & Eleanor Giffard

Sir Thomas Corbet
      Died 1359.
      Wife Elizabeth (Amice)

Sir Roger Corbet of Moreton Corbet
      About 1330 to 1394. 
      Wife Margaret De Erdington, Dau. of Giles De Erdington.

Sir Robert Corbet  Orphaned at age 11, became ward of Percy, Earl of Worcester then John Burley I of Broncroft.  Sheriff of Shropshire from 11-1419
      12-8-1383 to after 1419. 
      Wife Margaret last name unknown.

Sir Roger Corbet
      1415 to 6-8-1467. 
      Wife Elizabeth Hopton Dau. of Thomas Hopton and Eleanor Lucy.

Sir Richard Corbet of Moreton Corbet
      1451 to 12-6-1493. 
      Wife Elizabeth Devereaux, Dau. of Sir Walter  Devereaux and Agnes Ferrers.

Sir Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet
      1477 to 4-11-1513. 
      Wife Elizabeth Vernon, Dau. of Sir Henry Vernon and AnneTalbot.
      She lived another 50 years and was known as "old Lady Corbet of Shawbury".

Dorothy Corbet
      Husband Sir Richard Mainwaring  of Ightfield

This is a variation there are several similar.  This is my drawing of a Mainwaring/Manwaring crest.  I can by the way, do watercolors of any crests you want, and if you are interested in needlepoint, I can paint canvases for a fee.  You must remember that we in our immediate family have no right to bear these arms, especially, we should avoid carrying them in our local jousts.  Perhaps drag races would be a good analogy.  All these names come from a female line and from long ago.  They are nice to display as nostalgia though.  The whites and grays in this crest represent a silver color.  This might sometimes have a black diamond in the top silver bar.  The diamond would have a silver center diamond.

Marie Mainwaring = Adam Oteley
Richard Oteley = Katherine Mac Worth
Sarah Oteley = Edward Owen 
Richard Owen = Johanna Pitt
John Owen = Rebecca Wade
George Owen = Martha Naibor
Moses Owen = Mary
Moses Owen = Elizabeth Cornell
Mary Adams = Nathaniel Owen
Martha Adams = Jesse Jones
Moses Owen(s) Jones = Mary M. Johnston
Celia A. Jones = Henry Day
Henrietta Day = William E. Mitchell
Richard B Mitchell = Mary C. Cafarella
Mary R. Mitchell = Frederick W. Burrill
Diane E. Burrill = Daryl McPherson
Michael P. McPherson 2012

34 or 35 generations from Hugo Le Corbet to Michael P. McPherson and more than 972 years at this writing.

Moreton Corbet castle.  Photo from Wikipedia. 

Hugo's family probably had Danish origins, as the Normans in general were from Scandinavia, arriving mostly as Viking raiders who decided to stay.  The use of the raven was a device for heraldry that possibly even goes back to Roman history when Marcus Valerius Corvus had a raven land on his helmet at the beginning of a battle.  Is there a family connection to the General?  It is possible but who knows.  It makes a good story though.  A Reafan was used as a symbol for the family in Danish times and was translated to the French Le Corbeau and later to Corbet.

Lady Sybilla Corbet of Alcester was born in 1077(Daughter of Roger Fitz Corbet?)  and though married to the Duke of Cornwall, became the mistress of Henry I and bore him children.  This is very muddled, but it may be that the Dukes of Cornwall were descended from this alliance.  Henry is reputed to have fathered at least 20 children out of wedlock.

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