Saturday, July 27, 2013

Photos from John Mitchell of the Houlton area.

The road along the Meduxnekeag below Market Square in Houlton Maine

The "B" Stream where it goes under the bridge where the "B" Road and Ridge Rd split off. Our farm was on the Ridge Rd.. The "B" Stream was our property line on the West side of our farm. John Mitchell

Additionally from Bill Mitchell:

This was also the stream where my brother Dick had a camp with his friend Jackie Porter and others. The camp was not too far from where the highway now crosses the stream. It would not surprise me if Dennis Drew, Arval Porter, David Ingraham and Larry Ross were involved, but I am not sure of that.

It seems that Dick and his friends accumulated a lot of building materials. They carried them into the woods there and built a camp. It evidently had double hung windows, doors and a stove. They also furnished it. These materials could have come from anywhere, and I will not venture to elaborate further.

The land was not theirs of course, but they felt ownership because of all the work they did.

It seems that they went there to use the camp one day and were chased away by a squatter. He was evidently Native American from a local group.

They were, of course, angry. They waited till this man got drunk and fell asleep on a bed in the cabin.

Then they quietly took the entire camp apart and carried it off into the woods leaving nothing but the heavy stove and the man sleeping in the bed.

This carries on a longstanding tradition, as when our father first moved to Littleton, he built and lived in a similar camp in the woods along the stream and up-stream from what would eventually become our property.

Let me know by e-mail if anyone has further details on either of these events as I do not have all the details.

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