Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Other family blogs

This is the only blog I have started on this side of my family. This is mainly because the information is so sketchy thus far. If you remember my mother at all you can check out the other blogs on her side of the family, including the beginnings of the family cookbook. If you like Italian food, this is the one to visit. This is the beginnings of the family story especially concerning my grandmother's island and her move here. Other stories will gevelop. This is all family pictures from that branch of the family. This is all family recipes.

If you have comments or can help with any photos and old stories, you can contact me at: or you may call me at 508-339-8146. (you may need to leave a message.) this is all about my garden in Massachusetts some plants from family members. NEW

I would much rather that you leave me messages in E-mail or call me instead of leaving comments on the blog. Things get a little cluttered looking on the site with a lot of messages.

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