Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Joyce Woods

Joyce is our cousin in New Brunswick. She is the grand-daughter of my father's sister Lauretta. She was very kind to a distant cousin who called out of the blue from here in Massachusetts. She gave me some good bits of information that has helped me to clarify some of the cloudiness in my mind regarding the Mitchell and Northrup family in Hatfield Point. She was also very kind to send me a number of family photos to post on the site. I remember visiting her aunt, Bertha, when I was a pre-teen and meeting Joyce there. I am now very upset that I cannot locate any of the pictures of that or later trips to visit Bertha. I never cease to be amazed at how difficult it has been to find information about this side of my family. However, I am overwhelmed at the generosity and good humor of the people I finally contact. Thank-you Joyce. I hope I can see you again soon.

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